iSpot has Lift Off!

iSpot is the trusted leader for delivering actionable media measurement and TV attribution insights in real-time, enabling you to have a comprehensive view of the impressions, customer engagement, lift, and conversions that are propelled by your TV advertising. Today, iSpot is excited to announce that we’ve boosted our lift analytics solution, empowering you to determine the true causal impact of TV that simple spike analysis can’t reveal.

Our industry leading advanced methodology provides lift analyses by network or daypart, and by conversion type such as web visits, new customer registrations, purchases, or other business outcomes you need to track. With this release the causal impact analytics of TV ads isn’t just the domain of quants – data science has been democratized putting real-time lift analysis of TV into the hands of everyone – no Python, SQL, or pivot tables required. If you do need to go deeper, the iSpot API provides your in-house analytics and data science teams the resources they need for custom reporting.

Lift analytics from iSpot is available today to all customers who have access to our Conversion product. For more information please complete the form below to download the Lift Information Sheet or contact

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