iSpot Can Now Measure the Causal Impact of TV for Customer Provided Offline Conversion Types

iSpot is excited to announce updates to our TV Conversions solution which further extends our leadership in analytics for TV advertising. Today, iSpot TV Conversions provides actionable analytics for allocation, lift, optimization, and planning. Our solution provides insights into conversion events at a granular level for network, daypart, show, and even specific creatives and airings. As part of this update, iSpot can connect your provided first-party data for offline transactions as well. You can connect the causal impact of TV to conversion events that happen at Point-of-Sale (POS), from call centers, in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data, location services, and more.

As an example, a retailer for high-end jewelry runs a national TV ad campaign with a call to action to visit a brick-and-mortar location for a specific promotion. Without iSpot, the retailer can track in-store interactions at POS providing a degree of insight into the overall impact of the promotion. However, they don’t have specific insight into the causal impact of TV versus their digital campaigns or other activity like normal foot traffic. When the retailer connects their first-party POS data to iSpot in a privacy-safe way, they can match the prospects who were exposed to the TV ad campaign and then responded to the call-to-action. This enables digital-like attribution to TV so the retailer can allocate, optimize, and plan their future campaigns in a way that maximizes their TV ad spend.

Access to conversion analytics and the data science behind it is democratized through iSpot. In just a few clicks marketers can measure the success of their TV ads, impact to lift, review allocation, and optimize their campaigns – no pivot tables required.

iSpot is the trusted leader for delivering actionable media measurement and TV attribution insights in real-time, enabling you to have a comprehensive view of the impressions, customer engagement, lift, and conversions that are propelled by your TV advertising. This is achieved by applying industry-leading data science to our consistent, scalable, and calibrated data set developed over six years. For more information about our TV Conversions solution please complete the form below to download the Conversion Information Sheet or e-mail

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