Hot Super Bowl Brands: Drake’s T-Mobile ‘Hotline Bling’ Dials Up 54 Million Social Impressions, 35% More Than Heinz Ketchup’s No. 2 Weiner Dog Stampede

UPDATE [Friday, Feb. 5, 2016, 11 a.m. PT] — Wireless “Un-carrier” T-Mobile’s ad featuring a cameo by pop star Drake and his big summer hit “Hotline Bling” is far outpacing the pack on paid and earned impressions across Facebook and Twitter when it comes to Super Bowl 50 teasers and pre-release ads.

Current second-place finisher Heinz Ketchup has unleashed a pack of dachshunds anticipating a sublime meal while sprinting in slo-mo across a field, but its 37.9 million views can’t outrun T-Mobile’s social stampede.

In third place as of Friday morning, the NFL’s own Super Bowl Babies Choir spot pushes its “Football is Family” catchphrase to new post-game harmonizing as singer Seal radically repurposes one of his hits. Call it “Kiss From A Win.” The spot has hit a high note more than 20 million times on Facebook and Twitter.


T-Mobile, ‘Extended: Restricted Bling’

  • Sentiment: 81% positive
  • Gender: 57% Males | 43% Females
  • Primary Age: 18-24 (50%)
  • National Airings: Online Only
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