Ad Performance Breakdown – Automakers Quarter 3, 2019

Inside the Report

Month after month, year after year, automotive is one of the industries most devoted to TV advertising, and in the third quarter of 2019 it was no different: automakers spent over $1 billion on TV ads, which generated 105 billion TV ad impressions. This represents a slight decrease from Q2’s estimated spend of $1.27 billion, but impressions remained steady quarter-over-quarter.

Sports reigned supreme for audience delivery, and four of the big media players made up 8.28% of all impressions served: NFL football (4.1 billion impressions), college football (2.5 billion), SportsCenter (1.3 billion) and MLB baseball (794+ million).

Looking at the true incrementality of TV using our proprietary iSpot Lift Rating (the percent of the audience that’s been converted — moved to engage in a desired action — by TV ads), it was 29.60% this quarter, a 4.17% jump from Q2’s 25.43%. NBC Sports and CNBC led for networks that delivered the highest lift, and Fox was the only broadcast network to make the top ten ranking.

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