Expanded Conversion Analytics: Media Recommedations

We’ve expanded our multi-touch attribution capabilities to include prescriptive insights, such as Media Recommendations.

Media Recommendations
Our Media Recommendations combine our proprietary systems for tracking TV ads at scale and our ability to match TV ad exposures to sales activity to offer insights brands can use to make better purchasing decisions. With our product, brands can now see what programs its customers and prospects are watching alongside a list of existing media buys.

“TV advertisers are almost always wasting resources advertising to audiences that are unlikely to be responsive. Likewise, they are often missing key shows and day parts where their customers and prospects are. This closes the gap and does what measurement is supposed to do, bring greater transparency and empower better decision making.” – Sean Muller, iSpot.tv CEO

How It Works
Using a site visitor index alongside the current TV buying schedules, our Media Recommendation product offers a prescriptive module that makes it easy for brands to better allocate media buys based on the shows most likely to result in a TV ad conversion. Our conversion analytics customers are able to use IP-matching from connected TVs and web/app pixel tracking to measure how exposure to TV advertising is connected to sales activities on other devices in the home.

To see our Conversion Analytics in action, contact us for a demo.

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