Holiday Ad Report: How Top Brands Use Strategic Placements to Take Over Seasonal Advertising

Uncover TV advertising’s role during the holiday shopping season and how retailers focus on targeted placements to hit major advertising goals.

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Inside the report:

– How Advertising Spend Has Changed Year Over Year

– How the Year’s Best Brands Drove Digital ROI

– Why Walmart Is the Undisputed King of TV Impressions

– How Target’s Placements Spark Digital ROI

– How Different Media Strategies Affect Campaign Outcomes

Sneak Peak

The year’s biggest shopping season – and its ensuing advertising blitz – is back! While everyone from battery brands to cable companies get in on the holiday ad game, nobody does Black Friday quite like department stores. The industry spends more on television advertising in October, November, and December than any other time of the year.

They’re not only promoting holiday sales sooner – with TV campaigns starting as early as September – they’re also spending more. Departments stores’ media spending around Black Friday reached over $279 million during the 2016 holiday season – that’s a $26 million increase from 2015.

Holiday commercials play an irreplaceable role for marketers who want to reach holiday shoppers with significantly lower CPMs than other marketing channels. With advances in advertising analytics, advertisers are taking their commercials to new heights – identifying effective creatives, placements, and strategies across their competitive set and optimizing for how audiences watch ads and engage with related content across screens.

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