Author: iSpot Marketing

Razor Companies get Sharp on TV Spend

Razor Companies Shave TV Spend, Increase Reach *All data from TV ad measurement and analytics company Jan 1- Aug 31st, 2018 The shaving industry relies heavily on TV to get its message out, with more than a quarter billion ($228.1mm) invested in TV ad campaigns through August 31, 2018. Those dollars have delivered more… Read More

Unpacking 2018 Back to School Ads

  Right in the middle of summer, it starts to happen–you see that first ad for notebooks and backpacks. Another week or so goes by and suddenly you realize that every other ad during the commercial break is for laptops, dorm essentials and new clothes. Back to School season has returned. This year, we decided… Read More

Attention Analytics 101

You may have heard about Attention Analytics, but what are they exactly? And more importantly, how can you use them to measure your TV investment? Attention metrics have long played an essential role in the planning and optimization of digital video campaigns but what do these analytics mean to TV advertisers? Attention Analytics for TV,… Read More