Attention Analytics 101

You may have heard about Attention Analytics, but what are they exactly? And more importantly, how can you use them to measure your TV investment?

Attention metrics have long played an essential role in the planning and optimization of digital video campaigns but what do these analytics mean to TV advertisers? Attention Analytics for TV, similar to traditional digital analytics, tracks audience attention across millions of devices; but in relation to TV, reveal where, why and to what degree the audience is tuning out of a specific TV ad.

How Do Attention Analytics Work?

When a TV commercial airs, viewer behavior is tracked across millions of Smart TV devices. That second-by-second TV data is then aggregated, calculated, scored and presented to marketers in real-time, allowing advertisers to see why and at what point viewers are tuning out.

How Can Advertisers Use Attention Analytics for TV?

Done right, Attention Analytics reveal similar insights to those of tracked digital campaigns, including if a particular ad isn’t grabbing attention as well as another, if it scores lower within certain programs or if it’s suffering from audience fatigue. Attention Analytics are presented in real-time and issues around ad creative can often be addressed while the campaign is still live. In many cases, Attention Analytics reveal performance insights about particular programs and ad creatives that will sharpen future campaigns and inform media and creative budgets.

What’s Next?

To gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of Attention Analytics, read our TV Advertising Insights report or watch our Introduction to Attention Analytics video.

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