And the brand/advertising winners of the 2014 Winter Olympics are…

Now that the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi—aka the XXII Olympic Winter Games—have wrapped up, the iSpot team decided to take a deep dive into the data surrounding TV advertising during the event. First, some big-picture stats:

 More than 250 brands ran nearly 500 unique ads during the Olympic broadcasts in the United States.

 iSpot tracked nearly 9,000 airings (8,890) of individual spots during TV broadcasts of the spots across NBCU networks.

 Olympic ads generated almost 70 million views online, and nearly 3 million discreet social actions—including tweets, Facebook posts, and upvotes and downvotes for online versions of the ads on YouTube and

Now, some brand-centric insights:

Procter & Gamble took home the gold in terms of the digital buzz its tear-jerking “Thank You, Mom” spot generated. The ad has racked up more 17 million views and spurred over 205,000 social actions since Feb. 7th, when the Games began.

Samsung, an official Olympics sponsor, ran its Olympic-themed ads against CNN and NBA basketball and ABC Family but not against the games at all on a national level, as Advertising Age reported.

 Chevy, AT&T and McDonald’s occupied the most airtime, based on iSpot’s 24/7 tracking of every single airing of every ad run during Olympic TV broadcasts.

 Chevy, AT&T and Geico spent the most, based on iSpot’s estimated-spend calculations.

 BP’s “BP’s Team USA” was the most-run individual spot (168 airings).

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