Ads of the Week – May 30 – June 12 2015

Each week,’s Editorial team picks its favorite new ads. Here are the Editors’ picks for the week of May 30 to June 12, 2015.

Among editorial’s choices, Carl’s Jr. takes patriotism to a new level to promote its Most American Cheeseburger in the hands of all-American model Samantha Hoopes. And, Subaru pulls heartstrings in an emotional commercial shot from a nostalgic father’s point of view as he watches his daughter quickly grow up before his eyes.

Wealthfront’s new ad features an invisible bearded man in a money suit who creeps up on business professionals and desperately tries to catch their attention using his high, scratchy voice. Meanwhile, in Dixie’s “#DarkForDinner” campaign, families and friends turn off their cell phones at dinnertime and end up learning a little more about each other, including one man stating he will never show his arms to his friends and how one girl thinks her friend’s dad is attractive.

Finally, in the hilarious new Johnsonville Sausage spot, a man in a sausage suit brings an awkward silence to an otherwise very enthusiastic gathering of friends who made sausage-themed dishes for one another.


#5 Wealthfront: “Hidden Fee in a Money Suit” Ad Effectiveness Rating: 5.6
Industry Average: 5.2
Online Views: 60

#4 Carl’s Jr.: “Because America” Ad Effectiveness Rating: 9.8
Industry Average: 5.2
Online Views: 3.1 million

#3 Dixie: “Dark for Dinner” Ad Effectiveness Rating: 8.1
Industry Average: 5.7
Online Views: 2,361

#2 Johnsonville Sausage: “Misunderstood” Ad Effectiveness Rating: 8.3
Industry Average: 4.4
Online Views: 2,556

# 1 Subaru: “Making Memories” Ad Effectiveness Rating: 8.3
Industry Average: 5.4
Online Views: 5,690

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