Ads of the Week – May 1 – May 8 2015

Each week,’s Editorial team picks their favorite new ads. Here are the Editors’ picks for the week of May 1 through May 8, 2015.


#5 Quilted Northern: “Sir Froggy”

Quilted Northern’s latest campaign surrounds the new tagline “Designed to Be Forgotten.” Ironically, the simplicity and humor of the ads make them unforgettable. Sir Froggy laments the horrible fate he suffers through on a daily basis. His exhausted arms constantly hold the roll of toilet paper and his eyes can never look away from the john. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 7.8
Industry Average: 5.4
Online Views: 6,000

#4 Benjamin Moore: “Who Are You Talking to About Paint: Baby’s Room”

Benjamin Moore pokes a little fun at department store employees working
behind the paint counter. These employees are replaced with ventriloquist
dummies because, as the commercial implies, they might as well be. Using bubble
wrap may not necessarily be the safest way to paint a baby’s room. The paint
company released this commercial as part of its new “Who Are You Talking to
About Paint” campaign to emphasize the fact that it’s just better to talk to
the experts. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 8.1
Industry Average: 3.5
Online Views: 3,500

#3 Jack in the Box: “Merman: Why?”

What did we just watch? Jack in the Box returns with its stoner-inspired ads for its Munchie Meal, conveniently available from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. The spot features a pool-dwelling merman and an ice sculpture that’s supposed to look like Britney Spears’ ex, Kevin Federline. Are we seeing things or is Jack in the Box making us feel like we’re hallucinating? Oh yeah, don’t forget the fact that Jack turns into a giant pink rabbit at the end. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 8.5
Industry Average: 5.2
Online Views: 80,200

#2 Kmart: “2015 Mother’s Day Dance”

Dance like no one is watching? Well, that’s one way to steal the spotlight in the new Kmart ad. This guy dances like a character in the popular video game “The Sims.” Awkward dance moves make for a comical effect and lands this guy on’s ads of the week. Like mother like son. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 9.6
Industry Average: 3.9
Online Views: 29,800

#1 Sauza 901 Tequila: “No Limes Needed”

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, Justin Timberlake promoted his Sauza 901 tequila. In the spot Mr. Timberlake plays a washed-up lime named Rick “Sour” Vane who reminisces about a time when lime’s were needed and the good times were “never going to end”. Worse still, Mr. Vane admits the tequila tastes really, really good. This mockumentary-style ad makes “No Limes Needed” a joy to watch, and our number-one spot of the week. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 9.8
Industry Average: 5.4
Online Views: 1.1 million

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