Ads of the Week – June 13 – June 19 2015

Each week,’s Editorial team picks its favorite new ads. Here are the Editors’ picks for the week of June 13 to June 19, 2015.

Among editorial’s choices, Tylenol celebrates diversity among modern families in the U.S., including same-sex couples, as part of its new “#HowWeFamily” campaign. And, just in time for Father’s Day, Dove released a touching new commercial that shows real footage of men being told by their wives or partners that they are going to be dads.

In continuation of Quilted Northern’s “Designed to Be Forgotten” series, Daddy Gator – accompanied by his gator kid – has no choice but to witness what goes on in an unforgiving landscape: the toilet. He just can’t look away. Meanwhile, in Chobani’s recent ad that generated a lot of buzz, a same-sex couple lies in bed on a peaceful morning at their vacation home while one woman enjoys the smooth Simply 100 yogurt; she admires the ocean view, playfully tickles her partner’s bare foot and gets out of bed while drawing away the covers.

Finally, in the latest installment to GEICO’s “It’s What You Do” campaign, two men allow their boss to think they are torturing their prisoner, like they’re supposed to be doing, when really they are playing a match of ping pong and using the prisoner as a net and scorekeeper.


#5 GEICO:  “Prisoner: It’s What You Do” Ad Effectiveness Rating: 9.3
Industry Average: 5.8
Online Views: 9,300

#4 Tylenol: “How We Family” Ad Effectiveness Rating: 9.5
Industry Average: 4.2
Online Views: 169,200

#3 Quilted Northern: “Daddy Gator” Ad Effectiveness Rating: 9.1
Industry Average: 5.4
Online Views: 94,200

#2 Chobani: “Love This Life” Ad Effectiveness Rating: 9.8
Industry Average: 4.9
Online Views: 277,500

#1 Dove Men+Care: “First Fatherhood Moments” Ad Effectiveness Rating: 9.6
Industry Average: 4.6
Online Views: 6.5 million

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