Ads of the Week – July 4 – July 10 2015

Each week,’s Editorial team picks its favorite new ads. Here
are the Editors’ picks for the week of July 4 to July 10.

Among editorial’s choices, a woman dressed as a bottle of Head &
Shoulders comes home to find her man having some shower fun with another
shampoo: Denorex. And, in the new Nissan ad, a man and his friends gather in a
junkyard to pay their respects as his old Nissan is about to get crushed while
a keyboard rendition of the Miley Cyrus hit song “Wrecking Ball” plays in the

Mary, Josie and Teresa, the three sisters from OWN’s hit show
“Golden Sisters,” star in the new Volkswagen spot; they are loving
the hot deals on the cars and the hot guy checking out the Passat.

Meanwhile, Oikos takes online dating a step further with its “Online
Snacking” commercial. One woman finds her perfect match: Dan N. Oikos; he’s
tasty and healthy.

Finally, in the latest installment to Sour Patch Kids’ “Sour. Sweet.
Gone.” campaign, the candies cause a teenage girl to fall into a kiddie pool
just as she’s about to approach a cute boy; afterwards, the Sour Patch Kids lie
slices of cucumbers on her eyes, revealing that they have a bit of a sweet

# 5 Volkswagen: “Model Year End Sales Event: Hot Deals” Ad Effectiveness Rating: 9.3
Industry Average: 5.4
Online Views: 9,226

# 4 Sour Patch Kids: “Let’s Do This” Ad Effectiveness Rating: 7.7
Industry Average: 5.7

#3 2015 Nissan: “Wake” Ad Effectiveness Rating: 8.7
Industry Average: 5.4
Online Views: 13,692

# 2 Oikos: “Online Snacking” Ad Effectiveness Rating: 5.3
Industry Average:  4.9

#1 Denorex: “Twice a Week”

Industry Average: 5

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