Ads of the Week: April 18 Through April 24

Each week,’s Editorial team picks their favorite new ads. Here are the Editors’ picks for the week of April 18 through April 24, 2015.

#5 “Demo”

Like the other ads in’s latest campaign, “Demo” is fun to watch as Jeff Goldblum nails his role as the quirky Silicon Valley maverick Brad Bellflower. His over-enthusiasm, suave attire and made-up vocabulary – in using the term “Apartmentinternet” – make for an entertaining spot as he shows the guy a list of apartments that are near a discotheque. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 5.5
Industry Average: 5.6
Online Views: 320

#4 Hotwire: “Vay-Cay”

“Vay-Cay” is among the stream of funny ads that Hotwire released this week. Its new campaign is refreshing as it touches in on the realities of going on vacation, rather than telling you about all the bars and restaurants you can visit. These parents, for example, settle in their hotel room and enjoy the time they finally have away from the kids. The wife shuts the blinds and gives her husband a flirtatious smile… then the next shot shows
them passed out on the bed, enjoying some good ol’ shut-eye. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 9
Industry Average: 5.7
Online Views: 38,551

#3 Cabela’s: “What a Wonderful World”

Cabela’s released a new ad with gorgeous panoramic views of nature in a resonating message: disconnect from technology and take the family outdoors. The ad has a different look and feel than its traditional spots in
“What a Wonderful World,” which made its national TV debut during the 50th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards on CBS. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 9.9
Industry Average: 5.4
Online Views: 82K

#2 Airbnb: “Never a Stranger”

Airbnb’s visually engaging spot takes us around the world in60 seconds as we seamlessly follow Ellie, an avid traveler, in her journeys across New York, Paris, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Tulum in Mexico in what seems to be
an open letter to her vacation hosts and newfound friends. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 8.4
Industry Average: 5.7
Online Views: 5K

#1 Ram Trucks:
“Courage is Already Inside”

During the 50th Academy of Country Music Awards last Sunday, Ram became a part of the trend of “fem-vertising”. Similar to Nike’s “Better For It” campaign, “Courage is Already Inside” appeals to everyday women in acknowledging doubt and encouraging fearlessness. Shot by shot, these women take on physical challenges and activities more typically associated with their opposite sex. Ram Trucks have created a commercial that is inspiring to watch for both men and women. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 8
Industry Average: 5.4
Online Views: 2,981

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