Ads of the Week: April 11 Through April 17, 2015

Each week,’s Editorial team picks their favorite new ads. Here are the Editors’ picks for the week of April 11 through April 17, 2015.

#5  Heinz: “Ketchup’s Got a New Mustard: Backyard BBQ”

Imagine if your bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup dated a
bottle of mustard and then after breaking up starts going out with a bottle of
Heinz Yellow Mustard. Rather than releasing another ad that just shows people
using the product, Heinz introduces us to this randomly funny scenario. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 7.8
Industry Average: 4.6
Online Views: 3,319

#4  Toyota: “Immune to Poison”

It’s a case of being lost in translation in Toyota’s new ad. A snake bite assumed to be poisonous makes a man feel impervious to venom. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 9
Industry Average: 5.4
Online Views: 2,803

#3  GEICO: “Go Get Help: It’s What You Do” 

It’s funny because it’s true – that’s what comes to mind
when you watch the new GEICO ad that points out how cats ignore people. Such a
truth is brought up in the extreme plot of a man trying to escape a car in the
middle of a barren desert and stepping into quicksand with no hope of getting
out. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 8.8
Industry Average: 5.8
Online views:  11K

#2  Schick: “By The Pool”

Schick brings a new spin on its advertising for its trimmers
with a little something that’s not-so new to the brand’s commercials: the bush.
In the new ad that makes an attempt at subtlety, bushy little plants are
strategically placed in front of women who are in a slightly hairy situation.
Schick wants you to trim your bush… and be envied. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 9.4
Industry Average: 5.7
Online Views: 7,231


Nike: “Better for It: Inner Thoughts”

The 60-second #BetterForIt spot is a breath of fresh air as it stands out among Nike’s other advertising campaigns. These women are everyday athletes rather than professional athletes. The inner thoughts voiced throughout the ad, whether of self-doubt or motivation, are very relatable. Furthermore, several forms of exercise previously absent in Nike ads are introduced, including yoga. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 9.9
Industry Average: 7.2
Online Views: 1.9 million

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