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Razor Companies get Sharp on TV Spend

Razor Companies Shave TV Spend, Increase Reach *All data from TV ad measurement and analytics company Jan 1- Aug 31st, 2018 The shaving industry relies heavily on TV to get its message out, with more than a quarter billion ($228.1mm) invested in TV ad campaigns through August 31, 2018. Those dollars have delivered more… Read More

The Top Industry Spenders of the 2016 NFL Season

Throughout the 2016 NFL Season, including playoffs through the NFC and AFC championship games, 706 brands have run 2,901 spots 39,877 times across NFL broadcasts, for a total estimated media spend of $4.2 Billion. These brands represent 144 Industries, which spread their spots across 7 networks [CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, NFL Network, ABC & ESPN… Read More

TV Advertising Report: NFL Football

NFL Football is back! While players competed on the field, Verizon, GEICO, Toyota, Hyundai, DirecTV and others battled it out off the field, spending $567 million to snag the attention of TV viewers. Download the full report: Inside the Report – What was the age and gender of viewers? – How many impressions were live… Read More

TV Advertising Report: Rio Olympics 2016

  Inside the Report While athletes across the globe competed in Rio – Nike, UnitedHealthCare, Samsung, GEICO, McDonald’s and others competed (and spent $1.2 billion) for the attention of viewers on TV screens back home. The 2016 Olympic games saw 420 brands run 883 different creatives, ranking in 18.7 Billion TV ad impressions with 20,124… Read More

Top 10 Best Performing Ads In 2015 So Far…

What does it take for TV advertisers to outperform competitors? The ability to make audiences feel. In the first half of 2015, we’ve seen a plethora of emotion-based ads that have resonated in the minds of consumers. For some this marketing approach has given certain brands the chance to stand out and join the top… Read More