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TV Advertising Report: NFL Football

NFL Football is back! While players competed on the field, Verizon, GEICO, Toyota, Hyundai, DirecTV and others battled it out off the field, spending $567 million to snag the attention of TV viewers. Download the full report: Inside the Report – What was the age and gender of viewers? – How many impressions were live… Read More

TV Advertising Report: Rio Olympics 2016

  Inside the Report While athletes across the globe competed in Rio – Nike, UnitedHealthCare, Samsung, GEICO, McDonald’s and others competed (and spent $1.2 billion) for the attention of viewers on TV screens back home. The 2016 Olympic games saw 420 brands run 883 different creatives, ranking in 18.7 Billion TV ad impressions with 20,124… Read More

The Top 5 Most-Seen Ads on the Olympics So Far

With the kind of ad volume we’re seeing during the Olympics telecasts across NBC and its sister networks (NBC Sports, USA Network, BRAVO, MSNBC and CNBC), just about every conceivable type of industry is represented — but some categories and brands are standing out as the biggest, most enthusiastic backers of Rio 2016 programming. Across… Read More