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Super Bowl LIII generated an estimated $394 million in revenue for CBS and revealed several new trends in advertising. By the numbers, there were 54 advertisers that ran 93 ads from 6:30 PM EST until the end of the game, with 50.75 minutes of advertising. Attribution and Social Interaction On Super Bowl Sunday, there were… Read More

The live blog was compiled watching the game on CBS from the Seattle, Washington feed provided by Comcast. All information on ads and pods is preliminary. Please visit the iSpot Super Bowl 2019 Ad Center for the most up-to-date analytics. iSpot Marketing Team 9:33 PM PST That’s a Wrap That’s a wrap for the Super… Read More

It’s Game Day, which means the battle for brand attention is reaching a fever pitch. No sense in holding back now. What clever surprises are in store? Who knows but what’s certain is at iSpot, we’ll be measuring how all of the Super Bowl 52 ads play across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and in search engines,… Read More

During the 2017-2018 regular NFL season, brands spent an estimated $3.7 Billion on TV advertising, with 2,500 ads airing over 41,000 times! Watch this video to find out which ads were the most-seen ads of the 2017 football season. Most Seen Ads on NFL Broadcast – Ranked by Impressions 1. State Farm, ‘Together’ Impressions: 1.01… Read More

This week, hosted a pre-fronts breakfast in New York City hosting the chief marketing officers and senior marketing executives of major advertising brands. After an insightful conversation with Karen Ebben of GM on the future of television, CEO, Sean Muller had a very entertaining conversation with another guest panelist, Amazon Echo’s Alexa. “Alexa, ask… Read More

Lexus will be airing one 30-second commercial during the second quarter of Super Bowl 2017 for its new LS and LC vehicles. The teaser ‘Man & Machine’ features actress Minnie Driver as the new voice of the brand and will be coming from the ad agency Team One. Lil Buck is also featured. In addition… Read More

Kia will return to the Super Bowl for its eighth straight year with an ad from David & Goliath, its agency of record since 2000. The brand released two teasers, ‘Run’ and ‘Iceberg’, both featuring Melissa McCarthy. Last year’s 60-second spot, ‘Walken Closet,’ starring Christopher Walken came in 31st place by digital engagement on game… Read More

KFC is debuting its first official in-game Super Bowl commercial during the fourth quarter of the Big Game with a 15-second spot. The ad, titled ‘Colonel vs. Colonel’ features Billy Zane as the Colonel who loves gold so much, he’ll put it on his legs, thighs, and tenders. Rob Riggle is also featured, trying to… Read More

Budweiser, a staple of Super Bowl advertising, is set to air one 60-second commercial during Super Bowl 2017. Coming from ad agency Anomaly, the ad, ‘Born the Hard Way,’ celebrates the brand’s 141 years of business. The commercial shows the story of Budweiser’s founder, Adolphus Busch, and his journey from Germany to St. Louis, where… Read More

Bud Light will be advertising in Super Bowl 2017, but with a new approach. The beer brewer is set to air one 60-second commercial with its new tagline ‘Famous Among Friends.’ A one minute, thirty-five-second teaser, ‘Ghost Spuds’ has been released. In the teaser, the brand revives the original party animal, bull terrier Spuds MacKenzie,… Read More

Pepsi returns as the Super Bowl Halftime Show title sponsor for the fifth year running. The 2017 Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show will feature Grammy Award winner Lady Gaga. Pepsi has already begun releasing a several series of teasers ahead of the game, including a Super Bowl countdown and a party planning… Read More

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