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The live blog was compiled watching the game on CBS from the Seattle, Washington feed provided by Comcast. All information on ads and pods is preliminary. Please visit the iSpot Super Bowl 2019 Ad Center for the most up-to-date analytics. iSpot Marketing Team 9:33 PM PST That’s a Wrap That’s a wrap for the Super… Read More

It’s that day again – Super Bowl game day! It is the biggest day of the year for brands as they battle for customer and prospect attention. iSpot is monitoring across social and search, as well as what happens on 10-million opted-in Smart TVs across the United States as we head to kick-off. iSpot’s Super… Read More

Super Bowl Update: Digital Buzz Is Building On Super Bowl Sunday 2018, same-day leads against a $5 million price tag yielded conversions in the $27-$100 range. But when we mapped TV ad exposures to sales activity in a 7-day window for one customer, that price dropped to $4.40, and $3.41 after 14 days. So the… Read More

Since 2014 iSpot has been your destination for information and analytics for Super Bowl TV ads – and 2019 is no different. Behind the scenes, our team at iSpot is all-hands-on-deck so we can ingest, sanitize, and report on Super Bowl ad performance in real-time. In the hours that follow the big game, we will… Read More

Check out iSpot’s latest insights report on Facebook Advertising on TV. Download iSpot Insights: Facebook Advertising on TV

iSpot is excited to announce updates to our TV Conversions solution which further extends our leadership in analytics for TV advertising. Today, iSpot TV Conversions provides actionable analytics for allocation, lift, optimization, and planning. Our solution provides insights into conversion events at a granular level for network, daypart, show, and even specific creatives and airings…. Read More has been named one of the “19 Most Intriguing Ad-Tech and Mar-Tech Firms of 2018” by Business Insider. also made Business Insider’s 2017 version of the list – “19 Most Interesting Ad-Tech Upstarts of 2017,” ranking #16. This year Business Insider veered away from highlighting pre-IPO companies generating the most buzz, opting to… Read More

Disruptive brands have started to rethink the way they approach TV advertising and measure return on their investment. Where advertisers were once paying for eyeballs and attention, they are now looking for new ways to tie advertising to key business outcomes that make a real impact, such as visits and sales. Moreover, industry leaders know… Read More

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