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It’s that time of year. “New Year, New Me,” accompanied by an influx of health and fitness ads on TV, playing off of this declaration and resolutions. Is January the biggest time period for increased advertising in this category? This is a logical assumption, but with data we’re able to determine exactly how much… Read More

Note: data below is as of 3:30pm ET Monday, Feb. 25. Numbers may be updated as new information becomes available. As Hollywood celebs rubbed elbows on the red carpet and settled into their seats at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, brands were also gearing up for a big night of glitz and glam. We… Read More is home to an impressive leadership team, that is skilled at building culture and inspiring teams, all while driving continuous innovation and delivering business outcomes. One member of that impressive team is Chief of Engineering and Product, Anthony Skinner. Here at iSpot, we know Skinner as a man of action and precision. In his… Read More

Super Bowl LIII generated an estimated $394 million in revenue for CBS and revealed several new trends in advertising. By the numbers, there were 54 advertisers that ran 93 ads from 6:30 PM EST until the end of the game, with 50.75 minutes of advertising. Attribution and Social Interaction On Super Bowl Sunday, there were… Read More

The live blog was compiled watching the game on CBS from the Seattle, Washington feed provided by Comcast. All information on ads and pods is preliminary. Please visit the iSpot Super Bowl 2019 Ad Center for the most up-to-date analytics. iSpot Marketing Team 9:33 PM PST That’s a Wrap That’s a wrap for the Super… Read More

It’s that day again – Super Bowl game day! It is the biggest day of the year for brands as they battle for customer and prospect attention. iSpot is monitoring across social and search, as well as what happens on 10-million opted-in Smart TVs across the United States as we head to kick-off. iSpot’s Super… Read More

Super Bowl Update: Digital Buzz Is Building On Super Bowl Sunday 2018, same-day leads against a $5 million price tag yielded conversions in the $27-$100 range. But when we mapped TV ad exposures to sales activity in a 7-day window for one customer, that price dropped to $4.40, and $3.41 after 14 days. So the… Read More

Since 2014 iSpot has been your destination for information and analytics for Super Bowl TV ads – and 2019 is no different. Behind the scenes, our team at iSpot is all-hands-on-deck so we can ingest, sanitize, and report on Super Bowl ad performance in real-time. In the hours that follow the big game, we will… Read More

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