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AS U.S. WOMEN DEFEND THEIR WORLD CUP CROWN, SPONSORS RUSH TO LEND SUPPORTAd Age, 6/7/19 Watch The Newest Commercials On TV From McDonald’s, PopSockets, VW and MoreAd Age, 6/7/19 Watch The Newest Commercials On TV From Samsung, Porsche, T-Mobile and MoreAd Age, 6/6/19 Watch the newest commercials on TV from Google, Progressive, Citi Bank and… Read More

Last week, iSpot hosted the third annual Pre-front at Tribeca Rooftop in lower Manhattan. At this closed-door event, 127 brands and six networks gathered to talk about the new currencies in TV advertising, diving into transacting on business outcomes, measuring tune-in, verifying impressions, and more. The event featured a diverse lineup of speakers, including: Terry Kawaja,… Read More

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) TV advertising has been a staple of the airwaves for decades. In the past, D2C ads were relegated to the darkest corners of the overnight daypart with low production value, repeated 800 numbers, and a call to action of “operators are standing by!” No more. D2C has emerged as one of the hottest… Read More

The Quick Serve Restaurant category has seen a decline in Estimated TV Ad Spend and TV Ad Impressions, compared to the category’s returns in 2018 during the same time period (Jan. 1- Mar. 31). In return, we’re seeing a year over year increase of over 35% on Spots, and an increased number of brands in the category —… Read More

Tax Day arrives on Monday — which is obvious if you’ve watched any TV lately. If you’re thinking, “it feels like there are more tax-related ads this year,” you would be correct.

The Casual Dining experience has evolved over the last two decades, and so has the category’s advertising strategy. So far in 2019, Casual Dining has made impressive strides in its television advertising strategy. Through March 11th we’ve seen an estimated spend of more than $198M across 33 brands, who’ve collectively generated over 23B TV Ad… Read More

It’s that time of year. “New Year, New Me,” accompanied by an influx of health and fitness ads on TV, playing off of this declaration and resolutions. Is January the biggest time period for increased advertising in this category? This is a logical assumption, but with data we’re able to determine exactly how much… Read More

Note: data below is as of 3:30pm ET Monday, Feb. 25. Numbers may be updated as new information becomes available. As Hollywood celebs rubbed elbows on the red carpet and settled into their seats at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, brands were also gearing up for a big night of glitz and glam. We… Read More is home to an impressive leadership team, that is skilled at building culture and inspiring teams, all while driving continuous innovation and delivering business outcomes. One member of that impressive team is Chief of Engineering and Product, Anthony Skinner. Here at iSpot, we know Skinner as a man of action and precision. In his… Read More

Super Bowl LIII generated an estimated $394 million in revenue for CBS and revealed several new trends in advertising. By the numbers, there were 54 advertisers that ran 93 ads from 6:30 PM EST until the end of the game, with 50.75 minutes of advertising. Attribution and Social Interaction On Super Bowl Sunday, there were… Read More

The live blog was compiled watching the game on CBS from the Seattle, Washington feed provided by Comcast. All information on ads and pods is preliminary. Please visit the iSpot Super Bowl 2019 Ad Center for the most up-to-date analytics. iSpot Marketing Team 9:33 PM PST That’s a Wrap That’s a wrap for the Super… Read More

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