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On the whole, television viewing is up during COVID-19. But viewing has shifted massively, so the decision to run campaigns, becomes more arduous. Let’s say you work for a brand that believes now is a great time to be on TV. Given the current state of things, it’s more important than ever that you receive… Read More

With quarantines continuing across the country, it makes sense that television audiences would have coronavirus concerns on the mind. But it’s not just the news talking about coronavirus/COVD-19 —  TV ad creatives are also discussing it with more frequency of late. As of March 26, 63 brands across 10 industries aired coronavirus-related commercials, accounting for… Read More

For decades, marketers have been striving for truly unified MTA. However, TV has historically been managed in silo, separate from the rest of the marketing stack. Great progress has been made to connect touchpoints and measurement on the digital side, and finally solutions exist to bring traditional advertising and Linear TV into the fold.  On… Read More

COVID-19 is going to change everything for a while. Sports games, tournaments and entire leagues are potentially all but over, Summer Olympics is postponed, corporations are sending employees home to work remotely, and the travel industry is already seeking a bailout to survive. As the world and consumer behaviors are changing more rapidly than ever… Read More

In our unrelenting quest to bring our customers the fastest, most reliable, most actionable TV advertising insights in the market, we’re pleased to announce we have struck a deal with TiVo to integrate its set-top box data into our unified measurement products.  Below is the press release with more details. If you have any questions, please… Read More

One of the most devastated industries from the COVID-19 outbreak is travel, for obvious reasons. But that doesn’t mean travel brands are pulling out of TV altogether.  Some, like are generating new creative suitable for the times and keeping a presence on TV. And when the time is right, travel companies looking to come… Read More

When the dust settled on Super Bowl LIV, the Kansas City Chiefs were crowned champions over the San Francisco 49ers, by a score of 31-20. But beyond the action on the field, there was plenty happening on-screen during the commercials.  Topline Stats According to our always-on TV ad measurement and attribution platform, 55 advertisers generated… Read More

The 92nd Academy Awards was a night full of surprises on ABC, capped off by Parasite’s stunning best picture win to complete the show. Highlights weren’t limited to the stage, however. Brands were also happy to cash in on a captive audience for the event, which ran for over three hours on ABC. “Proud sponsors”… Read More

A thrilling Super Bowl LIV came to a close with a comeback win by the Kansas City Chiefs. But along with the excitement on the field was a significant amount of activity from brands. During the game, there were 85 national spots from 55 advertisers. Those ads came from industries all over, but it was… Read More

Which Brands Won the Game Before the Big Game? Brands new and old have been plenty busy in the lead-up to Super Bowl LIV, as ads this year have already generated: 674 million views on TV 284 million views on YouTube and Facebook  674,000 social actions 307,000 positive votes (versus 27,000 negatives) Notably, fewer brands… Read More

With the Super Bowl just days away, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some unique advertiser insights, courtesy of iSpot. Below, you’ll find some of the most interesting notes around this year’s Super Bowl brands, plus some of the standout creative that will be grabbing the headlines come Monday morning. Interested in more NFL… Read More

Includes playoff games from Jan. 4-19, 2020 *All data from first airing only Super Bowl LIV is less than a week away, and we’re examining the biggest TV advertising trends around this year’s NFL Playoffs, to understand how those could extend to expectations around the Super Bowl. With the game’s typically enormous audience, it’s a… Read More

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