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When you read, “Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) TV advertising,” you might think of low production value ads playing in the darkest corners of the overnight daypart. But what and who is a DTC brand is changing. The modern DTC brand is typically under ten-years-old, born in digital or social, and disrupting legacy business. These brands are commonly VC… Read More

As the TV market moves to greater transparency it’s also turning into a performance based ad platform that works for buyers and sellers.  We are excited to announce that Fox Corporation is using business outcome and impression validation measurement from Employing iSpot’s conversion methodology, Fox will have the ability to capture all sales funnel… Read More

We’re happy to share that has received the “2019 Tech Impact Gold Award for Marketing/Analytics” by Seattle Business magazine. The Tech Impact Awards recognize companies in Washington state that are using technology to have a significant impact on business, industry or society.  “There is so much incredible innovation coming out of the Seattle area… Read More

The Direct-to-Consumer brand category continues to captivate our attention. This category delivered a record number of Spots in the month of May, while January holds reign for the highest amount of Estimated TV Spend, TV Ad Impressions and Airings. Year-over-Year, this category continues to reflect strong growth with new brands joining every quarter. Download the… Read More

Although cars, and thus fuel and oil, are an essential part of life for many people, the industry may not be one that comes to mind when you think of TV advertising. While our screens may often be filled with commercials for the vehicles themselves, fuel and oil ads aren’t as pervasive.  We examined TV… Read More

Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure or a bit of both, hotel chains want you to feel that their rooms are your home away from home. Some brands are harnessing the power of celebrities such as Anna Kendrick to capture viewer attention at scale via fun TV commercials and woo travelers away from mass booking… Read More

The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) crushed it on and off the field in 2019, defeating the Netherlands 2 to 0 in the Women’s World Cup Final. Despite the success in gameplay, TV eyeballs, and social media, the issue of pay inequality casts a long shadow over the women’s team. A frequent contention by… Read More

Is unified measurement across linear and OTT ad buys part of your CTV strategy? Disruptive Brands use iSpot’s OTT measurement solution to understand incremental reach over linear and business outcomes compared to linear. We measure OTT across all major providers, streaming media players and devices. With a CNBC study showing that 57% of Americans have… Read More

A mattress may be a rare purchase, but it’s a big one — after all, we spend about a third of our lives in bed, and most consumers want to make sure that time is comfortable. As such, there’s no shortage of mattress stores and brands out there, all eager to explain why their mattress… Read More

The first half of 2019 is officially over, so we have taken some time to examine some of the commercials that have received the most attention according to our Attention Index, which measures the propensity of consumers to interrupt “ad play” on a second by second basis. Because iSpot measures TV ads at scale, we… Read More

The first half of 2019 is officially over. Let’s take a look at top-line trends for the industries spending the most on TV advertising. The data below covers Jan. 1 through Jun. 30.  Top Ten Rankings by Industry Key Insights: The Top Five ranking of industries that spent the most did not change from 2018… Read More’s Brett Jensen, Director of Data Partnerships, is featured in Ad Exchanger’s “Data-Driven Thinking” series. He gives a refreshing synopsis on how direct-to-consumer brands are being redefined. Is a hot dog a sandwich? When you break it down literally, it’s a piece of meat between bread, frequently dressed up with vegetables and condiments. It’s a funny… Read More

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