Ad of the Day – June 17 2015

Wells Fargo TV Spot, ‘Learning Sign Language’

Words aren’t necessary in this beautifully understated new ad for Wells Fargo. With little dialogue and just 60 seconds, they develop a lovely story about a lesbian couple determinedly learning sign language to prepare to welcome their adopted daughter to the family.

The ad is a success for a number of reasons, but one of its key strengths is its relatability. They’ve taken a very unique family situation and made an ad that anyone could relate to. Everyone understands struggling to prepare for a huge life change and, after watching this family’s story, it would be nearly impossible to not be moved.

Wells Fargo made another smart decision in choosing to leave out anything bank-related until the very end. They tie it all together with the simple statement: “Everyone works hard for a reason. Working together, we can prepare financially for when two becomes three.” No sales pitch necessary, they accomplished everything they needed to say in those two sentences.

Wells Fargo’s ads are giving recognition to the everyday heroics people go through and showing them that they are not alone in their journey. Banking has never been so beautiful.

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