Which Travel Brands are Taking Flight on TV Again?

Travel brands were hit hard by the pandemic, with many taking at least portions of 2020 off from TV advertising. However, as more Americans get vaccinated, brands across all travel industries appear to be coming back to TV to encourage consumers to get out for the first time in a year.

Compared to Q4 2020, travel brand TV ad impressions in Q1 2021 were up 7.4%, with airings up 24.3% quarter over quarter. Momentum has continued into April too, with these travel brands equaling 40% of Q1’s TV ad impressions in under one month.

Which travel brands have returned to TV quickest early in 2021? And which ad creative has resonated most with audiences? iSpot’s latest report shares that and more, including:

  • Q1 featured 17.7% more TV ad minutes for travel brands than Q4 2020
  • Travel websites are quickest to get back up and running without needing to deal with accommodating guests (beyond providing a website to book through)
  • Cable news channels were the top sources of travel TV ad impressions, with Fox News and CNN leading the way
  • Priceline has been the top travel brand in April so far, with over 643 million TV ad impressions

Check out the report to learn more about how travel TV ads are striving to return to normal, encouraging Americans to enjoy flights, cruises, theme parks and hotels again.