Susie Graham, VP of Product, Shares Tips for Diverse and Inclusive Messaging in Video Ads

The trend of purpose-driven creative in TV and video ads has rapidly accelerated over the past year. However, messaging wasn’t just about the pandemic and how brands could help as people adjusted to the “new normal”. According to Ace Metrix Creative Assessment, 71% of the purpose-driven ads that made a positive impact in 2020 talked about matters outside of the pandemic, including diversity and inclusion.

Susie Graham, VP of Product at, recently shared creative insights from the new wave of diverse and inclusive-themed TV and video ads at VAB Impact’s Diversity Leadership Summit. The presentation offered an exclusive look at how brands have approached the theme of diversity and inclusion in video ads with examples of the most empowering creatives from the past year. 

Connecting with consumers through purpose-driven messaging is a razor’s edge between empowering and exploiting. Susie shared the following 3 tips for successfully landing diverse and inclusive messaging with consumers without compromising brand image and reputation:

  1. Walk the walk: be honest and authentic in your brand messaging 
  2. Actions speak louder than words: highlight philanthropy, charity, etc. vs preaching 
  3. Test and learn: you can’t improve upon it if you can’t measure it