Which TV Advertisers Hit a Home Run with Baseball in 2021?

Inside the Report

Major League Baseball returned to a full-length season in 2021 after the pandemic forced the league to shorten it to 60 games in 2020. Although regular season baseball is driven by a lot of regional TV, the league’s national TV ad story remains a core part of its effort to grow the game with established fans as well as younger, more diverse audiences. 

This report from iSpot covers the full span of MLB 2021 national TV ad insights, from the regular season through the World Series. In addition to biggest spenders and most-seen TV advertisers, get an exclusive look at top creatives, brand strategies and year-over-year (over year) growth.

Report Highlights:

  • GEICO remains the top spender for regular season baseball, as it has been for the last three years
  • With the “Great Resignation” upon us, Indeed spent 10x more on playoff games than it did during the entire regular season in 2021
  • Four of the most-seen MLB TV ads effectively used humor to connect with viewers