VAB Report: A Fresh Take on Quantifying TV Audiences

Inside the Report

With the shift in TV viewership during COVID, TV networks pivoted their programming to excite and ignite new interest from their viewers, driving an increase in TV Ad Ratings.* At the same time, marketers were challenged to reconsider legacy TV ad measurement and rethink how to ensure a higher level of data accuracy. 

This report examines how traditional TV ad ratings have reached a tipping point, making it more critical than ever for brands to evaluate different approaches to TV buying and measurement to ensure greater accuracy, transparency and accountability throughout the campaign process.

Highlights from the report include:

  • A detailed analysis of how TV viewership grew as programming pivoted during COVID
  • A look at how viewers discovered new genres and embraced different TV formats 
  • 3 actions for brands to prioritize when modernizing TV ad measurement

    *TV Ad Ratings: Data is built up from individual ad impressions (i.e., ad ratings) for every national ad unit, as extrapolated from’s panel to U.S. TV Viewer Census.