Q3 TV Advertising Report

Inside the Report

TV advertising might feel back to “normal”, but is it really? This report sheds light on its continued evolution in Q3. Impression deliveries are down slightly from a COVID viewership surge in 2020, but ad revenues are up — indicating networks are able to charge more for impressions. 

More brands are flocking to TV for its reach and advanced measurement capabilities, and with that, a flood of new creatives are surging back on air in dramatic fashion to outpace recent years. Dive into the report for more unique Q3 TV ad trends and insights — from top advertisers, networks and shows, to industry snapshots and the prevailing creative trends for brands.

Key trends include:

  • Primetime TV is back —  Q3 primetime TV ad impressions increased 39.5% compared to 2020 and were up 16% compared to 2019, led by programs like the Olympics, NFL and Big Brother
  • CPG spend declined 8.8% YoY in Q3, but it was up 17% vs. 2019, while retail is also up 10% vs. two years ago
  • Theatrical releases roared back in Q3, with YoY TV ad impressions up more than 5x and spend up 7x (though both impressions and spend are still down at least 10% compared to the same time in 2019)
  • Nostalgia is in the air, as the rate if nostalgic ads heading into the holidays was up 4% YoY in Q3 and up 2% compared to 2019