How Retail Brands Have Cashed in on TV in 2021

Inside the Report

After a challenging year brought on by the pandemic, things turned around for retailers starting in Spring 2021 — especially on TV. As more and more locations reopened for in-person shopping, TV ad impressions jumped for department, furniture and mattress store brands. 

Download this report to learn how retail brands have approached TV advertising in 2021 (through October 20). You’ll get insights behind notable retail TV ad trends, including the top networks, brand and TV creatives.

Report highlights:

  • Vaccine rollouts in Spring resulted in a distinct uptick in retail impressions starting in May 2021
  • Kohl’s more than doubled its impressions (from 3.4% to 7.2%) and spend SOV (2.7% to 5.7%) YoY
  • Walmart’s most effective TV ad creative spurred “excitement” among viewers with visually-appealing scenes highlighting its Black Friday deals