Partnership Announcement – & Neustar

Bringing together best-in-breed digital and unified attribution with best-in-breed TV measurement and attribution

For decades, marketers have been striving for truly unified MTA. However, TV has historically been managed in a silo, separate from the rest of the marketing stack. Great progress has been made to connect touchpoints and measurement on the digital side, and finally solutions exist to bring traditional Linear and Advanced TV into the fold. Find out more about the iSpot Neustar partnership and how you can use iSpot’s solutions to buy or sell TV based on business outcomes. Read more in the press release.

iSpot Solution Available via Neustar

Media Measurement

Real-time creative, airing, impression and spend measurement for over 12K brands in 172 industries. Accessible via dashboard and API. Neustar may provision one brand and two competitors per license.

iSpot Solution Available via Neustar

Integrated User Level Data

Industry leading TV ad exposure data, fully integrated within Neustar. Available for over 12K advertisers and may be licensed for Unified MTA, DSDK, and other Neustar products.

Neustar Solution Available via iSpot

Data Onboarding

Leverage Neustar’s industry leading identity resolution to onboard 1st party data to iSpot. POS, activations, policies underwritten and other offline data can now be seamlessly uploaded to and included in iSpot’s TV incrementality and attribution solutions.

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