The New Currency in TV Advertising

Benchmarking Business Outcomes at Scale

Bringing the Market Together

Every second of every day, brands across every category are using iSpot to measure the sales activities that result from TV ad investments. Now, after three years of analyzing many billions of TV impressions, hundreds of millions of transactions that happen as a result, iSpot can offer the marketplace the first deterministic way to understand performance by category and provide the industry with the first guide for predicting how TV ad investments will drive conversions and incremental lift for brands.

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What are iSpot Lift Ratings?

iSpot Lift Ratings estimate the causal impact of TV advertising on a brands KPIs. They indicate whether — and by how much — TV advertising increases conversion rates over a category baseline (benchmarks). iSpot measures the effect of advertising on a variety of KPIs, aka. conversions, including web visits, registrations, and both online and offline sales.

What are Conversions?

Conversions from iSpot enables digital-like TV attribution against upper and lower funnel KPIs, whether they occur online or offline, providing you with powerful predictive analytics for lift and conversion of your creative and media. The total conversion events correlated with TV ad exposures for a given attribution window (typically 14 days). It is calculated as matched conversion events divided by total TV ad impressions for the period.

Our approach to currency includes

  • Always-on measurement of TV ad exposures
  • Persistent correlations of ad exposures
  • Understanding of the unique KPIs each industry has
  • Rigorous data science to ensure incremental lift and conversions are accurately measured
  • Scale: hundreds of brands, billions in ad spend, and millions of daily actions need to be counted
  • Buy and sell agreement on established benchmarks

Sample Lift Report

Holiday Buying Guide 2019: It’s a magical time of year — especially for retailers and other marketers that come out in force for TV advertising during the holidays. We put together a guide for brands and networks looking to maximize results this holiday season using two of our newest proprietary benchmarking capabilities: iSpot Lift Ratings and iSpot Conversion Rates.