How Brands Can Get the Most Out of Holiday TV Advertising


There’s no doubt about it, 2020 has been an exceptionally strange year, with the television ecosystem upended almost overnight in March, due to the coronavirus pandemic and resulting production shutdowns and tentpole event delays. Many industries, especially those impacted the most by stay-at-home orders, had to quickly pivot and adapt TV advertising strategies.

For brands looking to take advantage of their remaining marketing budget and the scatter market in TV this holiday season, we’ve put together performance insights and key recommendations to inform your decisions. This report focuses on sharing lift measurement* and conversion rates for several industries including retail, wireless carriers, travel, automotive and food delivery, across three time periods: Q4 2019, Q3 2020 and October 2020. 

Key Takeaways

  • Across all categories and time periods, cable networks have consistently been top-performers, particularly niche ones such as networks geared toward women or general entertainment channels. News and sports networks have also delivered lift results for various categories.
  • Broadcast networks have made the top ten ranking for conversions across multiple industries and time periods, especially for the food delivery category.
  • Spanish-language networks Galavision, Telemundo and UniMas have been delivering business results for multiple categories.
  • In general, the networks generating the most TV ad impressions aren’t always the ones actually delivering the results brands care about. Niche networks are proving to have engaged audiences that are responding to brand marketing.

Why It Matters 

Consumers are constantly bombarded by advertising — especially during the holidays — to the point that determining the impact of one ad versus another has become incredibly complex. For most brands, TV is the biggest investment in the media mix, so quantifying the value is critical. But with all the noise, how can you give TV ads the credit they deserve? And, importantly, how can you make the most of the scatter market this holiday season to ensure you deliver results? That’s where lift analysis comes in.

*Lift measurements estimate the causal impact of TV advertising on consumer behavior and help quantify the business value driven by TV advertising. The relative comparison of lift estimates (e.g., across networks), tells us where advertising is more or less effective.

This free report shares insight on which networks performed well for the selected industries last holiday season, as well as which ones are delivering results in recent months. 

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