What Did Food & Dining Brands Cook Up on TV in the First Half of 2020?

Inside the Report

The first half of 2020 has not been kind to food and dining brands, as most have been forced to completely adjust how they do business on the fly while adjusting to limitations related to COVID-19. Those effects extended to TV advertising as well, as new spots were required to reflect a new reality where most “dining out” in the U.S. was occurring via delivery.

Despite these challenges, it’s not all bad news. Impressions are up for food delivery brands year-over-year, and pizza brands are finding their takeout-focused ads were already made for this environment. Casual dining and quick-serve restaurants have been forced to make greater adjustments to their strategies — but some of those brands have also seen increases as well as they aim to combat on-location dining declines with evolved delivery and pick-up capabilities.

There’s a lot more to digest around how food and dining brands have adapted to the first six months of 2020 too, as the industry looks out at the second half of the year. Possessing the data and insights to make proper TV ad decisions is crucial right now. Download the full report to learn more.

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