TV Advertising Report – Pharmaceuticals

Inside the Report

Year after year, the pharmaceutical industry is a huge spender when it comes to TV advertising. Based on what’s been observed so far in 2020, pharma and medical brands are on pace for over $6.8 billion in estimated TV ad spend, about $700 million more than last year’s figure. 

In 2019, pharmaceutical and medical brands spent an estimated $6.16 billion on TV ads that generated over 515 billion impressions. So far in 2020, the industry has spent over $1.1 billion and generated 99.5 billion TV ad impressions. Top sectors by spend so far this year have been OTC: Allergies, Cold & Flu; Rx: Psoriasis, Skin & Nails; Rx: Osteoporosis & Arthritis; Rx: Diabetes & Blood Disorders and OTC: Pain Relief. 

Get more information in this report including insights around spend, networks that generated high impression counts, a look at viewer attention for specific spots and

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