Brands Bounce Back Big with NBA in Bubble

The NBA’s July 30 return also brought with it a return to high TV ad impressions numbers for brands. Since restarting, NBA games have more impressions than any live show, and it’s only gaining steam as the playoffs move into round two.

In iSpot’s latest report, we share data around top brands and industries since the restart, creative trends and crucial information on the networks and dayparts advertisers can look toward to reach NBA audiences — without having to lay out playoff-level dollar amounts.

Some of the top takeaways:

  • Gatorade’s returned to TV largely on the back of the NBA, with 29% of the year’s impressions coming since July 30.
  • Beer brands are surging in the bubble, as impressions are up 15% compared to the NBA regular season pre-postponement.
  • ESPN’s getting segment reach among NBA fans, with or without games airing.

There’s plenty more to share about the NBA’s return. Check out the report to learn more.

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