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About Hyundai Super Bowl 2020 Teaser, 'Dialect Coach' Featuring Rachel Dratch, David Ortiz

With the Big Game only weeks away, comedian Rachel Dratch needs to sit down with fellow Bostonian and Red Sox legend David Ortiz to make sure he's bringing the requisite amount of New England energy to the table. After all, how else are you gonna let everybody know that there's a "wicked ripper by the harbah"? Hopefully Ortiz can accentuate his accent by the time the full spot airs during Super Bowl LIV on FOX.

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“Bettah Drives Us.”
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David Ortiz ... Athlete, Rachel Dratch ... Actor/Actress
Bryan Buckley ... Director
Innocean USA (Agency), Innocean USA (Creative Agency), Hungry Man (Production Company)

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