The New Standard for TV Ad Measurement

Justify and optimize your TV ad investments with fast, accurate, and actionable measurement and attribution data.
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Precise TV Ad Insights at the Speed of Digital

Fast Data

Don't settle for waiting weeks or months to report on TV advertising performance and make optimizations.

Accurate Results

Avoid inaccurate TV ad measurement that impedes confidence and distorts reporting and predictions.

Actionable Insights

Gain the functionality and support you need to turn insights into action and continuously drive ROAS.

No Gaps, No Holes. Every Second of TV Ad Activity Captured.

iSpot verifies impressions and view rates for all TV ads across a panel of 16M Smart TVs. Armed with a universal ad catalog and media measurement at scale, brands gain unique insight into current and past advertising performance, competitors' ads, industry benchmarks, and more.

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Real-Time Measurement Across the Entire TV Ad Universe

How much attention are consumers paying to your latest creative? How about your top competitors’? Can you tell when ad effectiveness is starting to wear off? TV advertising is a huge investment and you can’t afford to fly blind.

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TV Ad Attribution for Measuring ROI Against Business Outcomes

What is the real impact of TV advertising on your business? Can you precisely attribute conversions and sales to your media buys and creatives? It’s time to use outcome-based attribution to maximize performance and minimize wasted ad spend.

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Marketing Stack Integrations for Audience-Based TV Buys and Multi-Touch Attribution

The consumer journey is seamless, so why is TV managed separately? Bring TV into the fold by integrating your customer and conversion data (offline, POS, etc.) into our platform, and our TV ad exposure data into your MTA models.

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Learn About Always-On TV Ad Measurement and Attribution

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