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iSpot.tv is the only real-time TV advertising intelligence platform that
enables users to find, track and share TV ads.

Using proprietary fingerprinting and tagging technologies, the iSpot platform surfaces TV spots and industry insights, as they happen. Brands, agencies and TV networks can leverage the iSpot analytics products to gain an unprecedented view into what ads are running, on what networks and how much is being spent across an entire industry and at scale. Anyone can watch ads in HD and explore actors, songs, products and offers they see on television with options to rate, share and comment on what they find.

We Track a lot of TV Advertising Airing Data

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Our Team of TV Advertising Tracking Geeks

The company was started in stealth mode in 2012 by Sean Muller and a team of technical geeks in the Seattle area. We don’t have a ping pong table or a dedicated beer fridge as we are too busy building our TV advertising intelligence platform for those who love data as much as we do.

  • Abe
    PHP Geek
  • Adam
    Pixel Geek
  • Andrea
    Spot Geek
  • Charlie
    Accounts Geek
  • Charlene
    Spot Geek
  • Corey
    JAVA Geek
  • Donna
    Accounting Geek
  • Doug
    JAVA Geek
  • Emily
    Recruiter Geek
  • Ewan
    DB Geek
  • Greg
    JAVA Geek
  • Jason
    PR Geek
  • Jeremy
    PHP Geek
  • Jordan
    Spot Geek
  • Liz
    Biz Dev Geek
  • Madison
    Spot Geek
  • Mark
    Biz Dev Geek
  • Rob B
    Biz Dev Geek
  • Rob H
    Biz Dev Geek
  • Scott H
    JAVA Geek
  • Sean
    CEO & Brainiac
  • Shane
    Lead Spot Geek
  • Tao
    IT Geek
  • Theo
    Spot Geek
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